The Barrier

Session 1

Entering the Barrier

Nov 6, 2015

Caravan Day 1

Baltus and Devlamin meet up with Caravan outside of the walls of the town of Sorrowmoor.

Devlamin tries to sign on as guard for Aris the merchant, but he’s not impressed.

A few miles into the Barrier, the caravan is attacked by two northern Sental warriors on Runehounds. They go after Gretta and manage to kill one of her young companions and wound the other two, one of which is her son, Goodwin. Devlamin and Baltus help slay the attackers while the merchant’s guards do nothing. Gretta turns out to be Hyretta, the deposed queen of Sentallia. She gives them each 50g and promises 250g more if they make sure she gets safely across the barrier.



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