The Barrier

Session 2

Pressing Onward

Dec 5, 2015

Caravan Day 1-2

Merchant Aris convinces most of the caravan to leave the dead humans and runehound bodies behind and press on. Devlamin and Baltus stay behind to burn all the bodies (because they are worried about stories of undead in the barrier lands). Hyretta’s son Goodwin and his friend stay to help. They all catch up to the caravan on horses.

Justin has a long chat with Janus about undead in the barrier lands, initiated by Janus.

Aris pushes the caravan to go farther, and Devlamin manages to keep them all on the overgrown road, so they make it 20 miles. They camp and roast meat from one of the horses killed by the runehounds.

The next morning, Lucinous and Zafirah join the caravan. One of Aris’s guards (Plarra) seems to take a disliking to the tiefling.

The caravan sets out again, and dispite Devlamin scouting ahead, they loose the road and end up crossing rough terrain. A few hours into the trip, they find themselves surrounded by bushes that are uprooting themselves and twisting into small humanoid shapes.



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