The Barrier

Session 4

Tanner’s halfling rogue, on the run from authorities in the north, had been following the caravan for days and finally caught up to them as the flying magma creatures attacked. He climbed atop on of the carts and used his bow to help slay one of the creatures.

As the caravan moved through dry, rugged terrain, Devlamin noticed remains of small creature scattered around, and small mounds on the ground. He called for the caravan to stop. Fire beetles emerged from the mounds and attacked. Some headed for the caravan, but Devlemin faced most on his own. Batlike pteronodons swooped down from the cliffs above, but Tanner’s rogue could tell they were interested in the beetles, not the travelers, and the did each grab a beetle in their talons and head back up to the cliffs to feed.

After crossing the area between the pteronodon cliffs, the olde, overgrown road passed through a narrow gap in the cliffs, into an area that appeared more dim a colorless. While scouting ahead, Devlemin noticed a nundead-looking creature lurking in the pass that looked a lot like the new caravan member, Tanner’s rogue.

The caravan made it through the pass, into a depressing, grey land which Baltus suspected was a crossover from the plane called the Shadowfell. They followed a twisting road with cliffs on one side and a steep dropoff on the other, watched over by a large, stone head of a lizard-faced god or king.

The caravan was attacked from behind by five or six reptilian humanoids who grabbed Wenda and Janus from the last cart. Quick response from the travelers felled two of the creatures and saved Janus, but Wenda was dragged away into their dark cave, hidden in the roadside cliff.



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