The Barrier

Session 6

The Kenku Fortress

The party stands before the dark kenku fortress, which is topped by precarious balconies and pointed towers and draped with shiny baubles. It looks like whole sections of the fortress might collapse at any moment. Based on the rubble in the ravine and the jagged foundation upon which the fortress is built, it looks like there have been many collapses in the past.

The party watches as caravan member NormiK is led willingly into the kenku fortress, presumably because he saw his father in the strange group of rock-hauling servants that included a nine-foot man and a troglodyte.

The group of kenku Guards communicating in mimicked voices with the party have accepted the gift of northern jewelry provided by Aris and agree to let the caravan pass by. They are, however, very interested in the PCs, and especially in the oxen pulling the carts. Devlamin asks them about their fortress and whether he can have a tour. They seem eager to show off their home and lead Devlamin and Tanis inside. The inside is a twisted maze of jagged, unlevel corridors. Their guide leads them toward the upper balconies, but on the way they pass through a large workroom where non-kenku servants are cutting and hauling stones. NormiK is there, talking to the old, emaciated man he thought was his father. While in the room, Devlamin feels a twinge of positive feeling for the kenku, but it passes, and he notices one of them waving his hands in a strange pattern. Devlamin tells the kenku guard that they are worried about it getting late and must leave, and Tanis leads the way out because what appears to be a jumble of rubble and scrap along all the corridors contains secret direction information in a language similar to thieves’ cant. Tanis also pilfers a nice gold chain he saw on his way in.

Meanwhile, Baltus and Aris’s guards are trying to keep the curious kenkus back from the oxen and all the valuables in the carts. They want to trade something for an oxen, but can only offer information or servants. When Devlamin and Tanis return and tell their story, Baltus offers to trade Wenda’s ox for Normik and his father, offering the PCs two horses to pull Wenda’s cart instead. Wenda likes Normic and agrees. Devlamin tinkers together a small, firebreathing windup toy to trade for leather harneses that kenku make for the horses. The kenkus make good on their exchanges and the party moves on. Normik is happy to have found his father, yet still speaks very well of his new kenku friends. His father also seems content, but is quiet and somber. When asked about how he got there, he speaks of a battle with the undead of an ancients city, but then admits it may have just been a dream.



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