History of the Human Lands

Titans Destroyed

450 years ago. DARK ARCHON THENDRIL destroys the corrupt kingdom of TITANS to make space for a land populated by smaller versions of the titans – humans. All Titans are destroyed except the three wandering TITAN GUARDIANS: MAGGERON, SULON, and WAYDORAN.

The Dragons, who had been at war with the Titans for centuries, swore an oath not to enter the human lands as long as no Titans returned. Their Dragonborn servants were part of this oath, but some clans did cross into the human lands and are known as the Oathbreaker clans.

Human Settlement

Year 0 HR (three years after), first humans guided to the old Titan lands by avatars of Thendril.

The Rise and Fall of the House of Borran and the Tieflings

Year 141 HR, nobles of the Northern Kingdom of Kalech, losing their war with Sentallia to their east, make a pact with the demon prince Borran, promising service for 100 years If he grants them victory. Borran transformed the nobles of Kalech into the demon-infused tiefling race, and thus begins the century-long subjugation of Sentallia, and the humans of Kelach, by the Tiefling aristocracy.

Year 242 HR, the Tiefling pact with Borran comes to an end. Borran has lost interest in their servitude and is unhappy with what he received in return. A few Tiefling nobles make individual, far more frightening pacts with him, but the nation of Kalech loses its support and is destroyed in an uprising of Sentall, with the support of the first Northern Alliance and the unhappy human subjects of Kelech. “Old Kelech” willingly becomes a territory of Sentallia. Some Surviving Tieflings flee south into the Narollian Empire, where rumors say they found places in the imperial court. Most flee west to form small colonies in the hills and caves of the Giantnight Mountains, where they have been hunted ever since by the fanatical priests and demon-hunter paladins of Dunatis.

The Barrier and the Doomed Army

Year 284 HR, Bayshet, one of the five lords of Narol, is killed in duel with Prince Thrangaol of Sentall. Retaliations lead to all out war between the northern kingdoms, under the second Northern Alliance, and the Narollian Empire.

Year 310 HR, Fighting between northern kingdoms and Narollian Empire to the south threatened to destroy the human civilization built up over centuries. To prevent this, DARK ARCHON THENDRIL intervened again, exposing a strip of land five days march across to the forces of the dark plains. This strip ran from the icy mountains in the west to the seas in the east, and seems to extend out into them, spreading through those waters like a plague.

Year 313 HR, the combined northern armies of Toring of Sentall and Rohod IV of the Seaward Alliance march into the barrier and are never heard from again in the north. The Second Northern Alliance comes to an end.

Year 452, The PC’s caravan leaves Sorrowmoor.


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